Join Frontline Action On Coal and climate activists around the country for a massive Day of Action on June 30th 2018.


It’s time to draw a #RedLine on the corruption, lies & destruction of our environment by the coal industry.

It’s time to stand alongside First Nations people fighting for country, climate and culture.

It’s time for the climate movement to organise decentralized autonomous actions to boldly stand for #NoNewCoal in Australia.

1. Pledge to Take Action

Communities around Australia are stepping up to challenge the fossil fuel corporations and their government allies with bold, non violent actions. Find your nearest action and connect with them here: join a local action

If there are no actions currently planned near you, register with Frontline Action on Coal here to be kept in the loop if one comes up, or to launch a #nonewcoal action in your community. 

2. Join A Mass Planning 

Share your ideas and skills with people across Australia so we support each other to plan bold actions. Non Violent Direct Action Training, Media Training and Legals Training are being organised. 3 sessions have already run; watch this space for the next one. 

3. Build the Momentum

Be part of building the pressure throughout June by taking small actions that inspire other people to join us for our massive Day of Action on June 30th

Suggested Actions:

Week 1: 4th – 10th June
Banner Drop

Week 2: 11th – 17th June

Small Disruption

Week 3: 18th – 24th June

Subvertize/billboard takeover

Week 4: 25th – 29th June
Higher risk Disruptions

#NoNewCoal Day of Action – June 30

Staunch, bold, Non Violent Direct Actions standing for #NoNewCoal

Sign Up Here or Text “ENDCOAL” to 0488 838 199