Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) is committed to community led, non-violent direct action. We aim to support community and grassroots groups on the front line of dangerous fossil fuel development and expansions, through solidarity, training and resources.

We’ve had enough of corrupt politicians putting the interests of mining companies over all else. People from all walks of life need to stand together to protect farms, forest, community, culture and the climate.

Frontline Action on Coal is working with organisations and campaigns around the country to keep coal in the ground and oppose CSG. The proposed Carmichael Coal Mine in the Galilee Basin is presently our main focus. We are committed to #BlockadeAdani in order to #StopAdani.  Join us and get involved! 



How we started

Front Line Action on Coal started in August 2012 and grew from Australia’s first coal mine blockade. The #LeardBlockade was established in response to Whitehaven Coal’s proposed Maules Creek mine and other coal mining operations in the critically endangered Leard State Forest.

Our campaign has grown into a movement, empowering passionate individuals and inspiring them to take on big coal on all fronts.