Aurizon bails on NAIF loan for coal railway

Huge win for climate protectors in the Galilee!

Climate activists have today won another victory in the campaign to stop Adani opening a new coal field in the Galilee Basin. Transport company Aurizon has announced the withdrawal of its application to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility for funds to build a rail line for coal exports from the Galilee via the Adani-owned Abbot Point Coal Terminal.

\Frontline Action on Coal has joined millions of Australians in hailing the withdrawal as a great win for the climate.

Aurizon CEO Andrew Harding stated that without any "definitive contractual arrangements with any proponent," construction of a new railway to the Carmichael mine site would not proceed.

Mr Harding did not mention the concerted campaign across Australia to halt any NAIF loans for new coal projects, or the considerable reputational damage Aurizon has suffered through its links to the Adani coal mine.

Instead, Mr Harding pointed to the absence of any guaranteed buyers for coal rail services: "Our NAIF application is, in part, predicated on having customer contracts secured. Given this is unlikely to occur in the near future, we believe it is prudent to withdraw the NAIF application."

Climate activists will be celebrating this weekend. The win comes on top of decisions by Downer, CommBank and Westpac to stay away from Adani, after campaigns calling out 'climate wreckers' caused major disruption and embarrassment to those companies.

Frontline Action on Coal have launched numerous peaceful direct actions to disrupt Aurizon's existing coal railways, closing the line through tree sits and barrel lock ons in the vicinity of Abbot Point.

"We will win the campaign to stop new coal mines in the Galilee" said Frances Mills, spokesperson for Frontline Action on Coal. "We know we have the support of millions of Australians who want a safe climate, healthy land and clean water. We will remain in the Galille until we see an end to dirty, dangerous fossil fuel extraction here. We are committed to land rights, not mining rights. We have stopped Aurizon. We will stop Adani."