Aurizon rail halted for third time in a week


Frontline Action on Coal activists have halted work on the Aurizon rail line for the third time this week.  Early this morning two Queenslanders have locked onto a drum filled with concrete weighing half a tonne placed onto the train tracks used to transport coal to Adani’s Abbot Point Coal Terminal. Hannah Schuch and Claire Ogden, a student and a small business owner, have been blockading the rail line since 5.30 this morning.

Frontline Action on Coal is determined to maintain pressure on the Queensland Labor Party to veto a proposed one billion dollar NAIF loan to Aurizon to construct a new rail line. This rail line would export coal from Adani’s Carmichael coal mine, along with several other proposed mines in the Galilee Basin, to Abbot Point Coal Terminal.

“I have been signing petitions, making submissions and meeting with my political representatives ever since I first learned about climate change” said Ms Ogden, businesswoman.

“Australia’s state and federal governments continue to support new coal infrastructure despite the clearly identified need to keep fossil fuels in the ground in order to ensure a habitable future. I stand with many Australians sending a clear message that the Galilee Basin must not be developed. A safe climate future depends on no new coal” said Ogden.

The Queensland ALP has already ruled out approval of a NAIF loan to Adani Itself. Ogden and Schuch are demanding that the Queensland ALP also rule out Aurizon as a potential recipient of NAIF funds for a new coal railway.

Discussions in Queensland parliament regarding Aurizon’s submission were expected to begin this week, but so far politicians have remained silent on this critical decision regarding taxpayers’ dollars.

Graduate student Hannah Schuch said “I am committed to stopping any NAIF loan to Aurizon because I am committed to stopping Adani’s catastrophic coal mine. I am taking direct action because I know that a future in coal will devastate our climate, our land and water resources, and vulnerable populations globally”.

If Aurizon is granted the loan they will open up a passage to the Galilee Basin, aiding in development of nine proposed mines in the region. Current science states that if these projects go ahead, global temperatures will increase above a safe level.

Frontline Action on Coal has vowed to continue blockading Aurizon and Adani until this mining project is stopped, and any plans to mine coal in the Galilee Basin are abandoned in favour of a safe climate future

Photographs and footage of the action are here:

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