Disruption of Aurizon's coal line continues


Wed 24 Jan, Near Bowen. Two Brisbane students have continued to halt work on Aurizon’s coal rail line by climbing aboard a coal train, blocking access to Adani’s Abbot Point Coal Terminal. This has continued the shutdown that started early this morning with Tayla Jay Haggarty being suspended from the coal railway – now in custody of the Queensland Police.

Monika Correa and Harriet Barrenger, both 23, from Front Line Action on Coal boarded the stopped coal train and unfurled a banner stating 'No Naif for Aurizon on the Horizon'. They are calling on the Queensland Government to follow through with it's election promise of no public funds that would enable Adani's controversial coal mine. The coordination of the two actions has left Aurizon without an operating railway line since 5am this morning.

“We have taken action today to hold Aurizon, Adani and the Queensland Government to account”, said Ms Correa, “We will not stand by while they try to open the floodgates of coal mining in the Galilee Basin – with no regard for the threats to community, land and water that this would cause.”

“We are regular people stepping up to communicate the extreme urgency of climate change." said Ms Barrenger, a 23 year old Brisbane resident, "In the face of apathy, we will continue to take sustained community action until we see the Galilee Basin safe from the threat of the disastrous Adani coal mine."

Frontline Action on Coal has been active in the Galilee region for almost six months now, and has stopped work on the construction of a new rail line and at the Abbot Point coal terminal numerous times. The group has already caused significant financial burden to Adani and Aurizon through work delays, demonstrating a high level of risk to potential investors. The group has pledged to continued sustained community action against all involved with allowing the Galilee Basin to be opened coal mining.

“We are caling on the Queensland government to adhere to their election promise and not approve any public funds that would enable Adani’s disastrous coal mine - and that means a veto for any loan to Aurizon” Ms Haggarty said. “We will continue to express community opposition and use peaceful measure to disrupt any company that threatens the Galilee with dangerous fossil fuel projects.”


Photographs and footage of the action are here:
Photos https://flic.kr/s/aHsme75wpe
Footage https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n0je1c2z0r4mlzu/AABJy7QdZzeL2WQDry67OUIda?dl=0

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