Community members face court over peaceful action to Stop Adani’s dangerous coal mine


Bowen, 17th October: Several upstanding members of the community will today appear in the Bowen Magistrates Court after they peacefully blocked the road into Adani’s Abbot Point coal port, as part of a growing community campaign to stop Adani building their mega coal mine in Central Queensland.

The community members are facing charges of trespass for the peaceful action they took to protect communities from Adani’s climate and Reef-wrecking coal mine.

Speaking about why she took action last month, psychologist Anna Molan said:

“I’m a law-abiding person, but at this moment in history people of conscience must take direct action to keep us all safe.”

Fellow protester Eleanor Lawless, a child care worker from Canberra said:

“Climate change affects those who are already most marginalised and disadvantaged. These our poorest people, our women, our first nations people. For me this is an equality issue and I am standing up for what is right and demanding climate justice by putting my body on the line to stop Adani’s mine.”

Mathew Bing, a shop worker from Mackay said: 

“For years, Australians from all walks of life have stood up to oppose Adani’s mine. We have protested, petitioned and raised our concerns about the impact on the climate, the land, our water and of course the Reef. Yet still our politicians continue to give Adani their support. I’m taking action on the frontlines of this project because I value people, a safe future and a healthy Reef over coal.”

Paula Morrow, a writer from Newcastle said:

“Quick money can be made from treating the planet as a quarry but what is that money worth if it puts future generations in jeopardy? If we don’t act now to stop Adani’s damaging mine and move Australia beyond coal, in the future today’s children will ask us why we didn’t do more while there was still time.”

Adani’s mine would be one of the largest coal mines in the world, releasing billions of tonnes of carbon pollution into the atmosphere at a time when our climate is already undergoing unprecedented and rapid warming. The mine would sign a death warrant for the Great Barrier Reef, which is already facing unprecedented large-scale bleaching due to rising ocean temperatures, caused by climate change.

Recent polling indicates that the majority of Australians do not support Adani’s mine. Despite this, the Queensland and Federal Governments are gearing up to hand this billionaire a $1 billion taxpayer-subsidised loan.

With Adani promising to start construction imminently, people are now mobilizing in Central Queensland, taking bold and courageous action to stop the mine from proceeding.

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