Community members lock-on to stop Adani starting work on their mega coal mine


Central QLD, 25th October: As Adani promises to start work on the rail line to what would be Australia’s largest new coal mine, several people have locked-on to construction machinery, vowing to do whatever it takes to peacefully stop Adani’s mega coal mine from proceeding in Central Queensland.

Supported by over a dozen people, one person is locked-on to a front-end loader, another to an excavator and a third person to a grader, stopping work from proceeding at one of Adani’s work sites, near Belyando on Jangga country. Workers are on site.

“I’m scared about my children’s future. I think our government is seriously underestimating the potentially devastating impacts of climate change. Now is the time to take a stand. I’m an ordinary person taking extraordinary action to stop this mine.” said, Gail Hamilton, an engineer and former council employee from Townsville.

“My granddaughter has just turned five, I’m here to Stop Adani and protect the environment and our water for her future,” said fellow protestor Susanne Rix, from the Blue Mountains.

“I could not sit idly by and let Adani begin work. This is the line in the sand for me and  thousands of people from all walks of life who will take peaceful direct action to stop this mine,” said John Brinnand, a retired psychiatrist from the Sunshine Coast.

Adani’s mine would be one of the largest coal mines in the world, releasing billions of tonnes of carbon pollution into the atmosphere at a time when our climate is already undergoing unprecedented and rapid warming. The mine would sign a death warrant for the Great Barrier Reef, which is already facing unprecedented large-scale bleaching due to rising ocean temperatures, caused by climate change.

Recent polling indicates that the majority of Australians do not support Adani’s mine. Despite this, the Queensland and Federal Governments are gearing up to hand this billionaire a $1 billion taxpayer-subsidised loan.

With Adani promising to start construction imminently, people are now mobilizing in Central Queensland, with hundreds more around the country vowing to take peaceful civil disobedience to stop the mine.

Location: Where the state development area crosses the Gregory Highway, approximately 35km / 25 minutes south of the Belyando RoadHouse.

Photos are being uploaded here.

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