Community Stops Work On Adani’s Rail Line for Second Time in a Week, Highlighting Damaging Water Impacts of Proposed Mine

Belyando, QLD, 8th December: For the second time in a week, community members have shut down work on the rail line to what would be Australia’s largest ever coal mine. One woman is attached to a monopole, preventing machinery from working on the rail-line whilst others have mounted the machinery with banners highlighting the damaging water impacts of the mine. 

Over the mine’s 60 year life-cycle, Adani would draw 355 billion litres from local rivers and aquifers, causing irreversible damage to groundwater systems and resulting in a permanent drop in the water table around the mine site. Adani will not be charged a cent for the groundwater they consume. Farmers are so worried about these impacts on their livelihoods, that they’re asking the state government to rescind Adani’s water licenses.

Ruth who is mounting a monopole said: “As a Queenslander and a student of the law, I am breaking the law today to send a clear message to Adani and our politicians that people of conscience won’t stand by as Adani sucks up billions of litres of our water, trashes our climate, and wrecks our Reef. Queensland is drought-stricken. It is ludicrous that our politicians have agreed to give Adani our water for free.”

Tess who is participating in the action said: “I grew up on a cattle farm and I know water is a precious resource. I'm opposing this mine in solidarity with local farmers who have expressed their opposition to Adani's free water agreement.”

I'm here in solidarity with the traditional owners who oppose the mine and the continual colonisation and destruction of their land, for the women and people of colour who will bear the brunt of climate change, for our earth whose glaciers are melting to warn us that we need to stop burning fossil fuels, and for the people of Queensland who deserve better than Adani.”

Adani wants to build Australia’s largest coal mine and a 400km long rail line to transport the coal to the coast where it would be shipped through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Although they don't have the money to build their mine, Adani has started work on the rail, and is asking the Australian Government for $1 billion in public funds.

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