Support the brave souls standing up to #StopAdani

The Abbot Point Lock on Crew have just been hit with $72 000 in fines after shutting down Adani's Abbot Point Coal Terminal. Nine people were fined $8000 each, and a tenth person will stand trial on March 27, bringing the total to a likely $80 000.

We are considering an appeal, but til then, a crowdfunder has been launched to share the burden of these super heavy fines.

To share directly to the Abbot Point crew, you can chip in here.

Meanwhile, the frontline campaign to #StopAdani needs ongoing support - and lawyers -  to cover essential legal needs. To contribute to ongoing legal costs, hit the button on this page!


The campaign to move Australia beyond coal and #StopAdani has never been stronger. Together, people from all walks of life have held this carbon bomb back for years, and hundreds of groups continue to take action every week. But as sustained community pressure erodes Adani’s social license and shuts the door on potential financiers, Adani is continue to push to get their climate and Reef wrecking project built.

Every week, brave community members from around the country are putting their bodies on the line to stop Adani building their mine. These dedicated everyday people are engaging in peaceful civil disobedience to show Adani and their backers that the community will not let them build their mine, not now, not ever. But with this bravery, comes costs - legal advice, representation and more.


Will you chip in now to help cover the legal expenses for the frontline effort to#StopAdani


Funds raised will go towards:

  • essential legal advice for the campaign
  • legal representation 
  • a legal defence fund to protect the campaign against attacks from industry and authorities

This is a critical moment in the campaign to #StopAdani. With your support we could finally see the back of this mine in 2018, taking a huge step towards ending coal in Australia. Chip in today and let’s do this!


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