FLAC committed to Nonviolence

Bowen, 16th January: Responding to spurious claims published both on line and in print that Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) is a “militant activist” group that pays its activists, FLAC has issued the following statement:

Frontline Action on Coal upholds the principles of peaceful non-violence in all that we do.

Our campaign is entirely grassroots led. No one is paid to take action. People participating in FLAC actions include locals, traditional owners, parents, grandparents, doctors, teachers, engineers, farmers, retail workers, students and more.

Many people have sacrificed a great deal to be involved in the effort to keep Galilee coal in the ground because they have seen the devastation that coal is already causing to people and the planet. They have taken time off work, study and family commitments because of their grave concerns about the damage that coal mines like Adani’s would have on everyone’s future.

We will continue to engage in peaceful community-led action for as long as it takes to stop this mine and move Australia beyond coal. Everyone’s future depends upon it.

We are now the proud carers of a property that supporters and volunteers are welcome to visit in the Bowen region.

As always, we invite those who share our commitment to peaceful action to protect the climate, community and Reef from Galilee coal to join us here on the frontlines in beautiful Central Queensland. To get involved, please head to: http://www.frontlineaction.org/pledge

Media Enquiries: 0457 113 380 or flacmedia@protonmail.com