Camp Info - #EndCoal Newcastle

The mobilization will take place on the sovereign lands of the Awabakal and Worimi people. Sovereignty never ceded. FLAC acknowledges elders, past, present and emerging. We stand in solidarity with First Nations People in their continuing struggle for justice. 
If there is any way we can help facilitate First Nations People attending, please let us know. There will be an Elders Space set up during this week.

The Camp:
Location –
Camp’s location is confirmed but NOT public for security reasons. It is easily accessible from Newcastle. Registered people will be provided the address on September 10th via email. If you haven't registered, please do so here.

Camping - Will be the norm! Please bring a sleeping bag, tent and any other bedding which will keep you snug!  Extra bedding and spare tents will be available at the camp. Here's a list of things you should bring!

Food - Camp will organise meals and all meals will be made with a Vegan base. If you have any other dietary requirements, please email us at or check in with the kitchen team when you arrive!

Volunteer Expectations - We're going to need all hands on deck to run this camp! If you're able to, please sign up for a shift or two daily to help cook in the kitchen, cleaning the toilets or provide childcare.

Contribution - FLAC is a 100% volunteer-run and funded organisation. We ask that people help pitch in for costs of the camp (food, camping cost, toilet hire). Suggested contribution per day: Unwaged $15, Waged $25, Solidarity $50. If you're unable to contribute financially, you're still welcome to come to the camp! If you'd like to donate your contribution now, please do so here.

Childcare - A kids space will be set up at the camp. Childcare will be available depending on volunteer capacity. 

Accessibility - We are working on making this camp as accessible as possible for everyone. Please let us know if you have accessibility requirements so we can make sure you can be involved in the activities. The camp is wheelchair accessible, except during bad weather as paths may become muddy.

First Aid - will be available at the camp and at actions. If you require any specific assistance, support or resources at the camp, please chat to the Safer Spaces Team or email us.

Safer Spaces - A Safer Spaces Team will be available for emotional support, mediation and collective action. If you have anything you wish to discuss, please feel welcome to speak with someone in the Team. Also - please familiarize yourself with our Safer Spaces Policy and our Participation Agreement