Nine people fined $72,000 for peacefully protesting Adani’s coal mine as Adani challenges $12,000 fine for coal pollution

Bowen, 16th March: Nine people have been fined a total of $72,000 after they peacefully shut down part of the Abbot Point coal terminal to protest Adani’s mega coal mine earlier this year. In stark contrast, Adani last year received a meagre $12,000 fine for discharging coal sediment which was nearly eight times the acceptable level from its coal port onto a beach near the Great Barrier Reef.

“This is a massive price to pay for taking action to save our climate and Reef from the damage that Adani’s terrible coal mine will do,” said Tully Doole, a Frontline Action on Coal Spokesperson.

“What kind of democracy are we living in where a multi-billion dollar coal company can receive a $12,000 fine for coal pollution whilst a group of everyday people get fined six times that amount for trying to protect our future from dangerous climate change?”

“These are everyday citizens putting their bodies on the line to protect the people and places that our Government has turned a blind eye to in approving Adani’s mega coal mine. If they don’t stand up to stop this mine, who will?”

“Adani’s coal will impose enormous costs on our community from the damage it will do to our climate, land, water, health and Reef. Why must ordinary people front enormous fines for trying to spare Australia of these terrible impacts?”

“Whilst Adani has mega bucks and lawyers to challenge their miniscule fine for polluting our environment, these working people have children to feed, health costs and school fees to pay.

“These people are heroes. They should be celebrated for sacrificing so much, not slapped with mega fines.” concluded Doole.

The nine protestors were charged with: trespass, contravening direction and intentionally or recklessly interfering with ports operation at Abbot Point.

They are part of an ongoing frontline resistance campaign to Stop Adani in Central Queensland which has included over 60 actions in recent months and almost 100 arrests. Frontline campaigners plan to continue taking action in Central Queensland for as long as it takes to stop Adani’s mine.

A crowdfunder has been launched to fundraise for the fines:

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