Newcastle local stops coal from 10 metre tripod

Newcastle local stops coal train from the top of a 10 metre tripod


Sarah Barron, a Newcastle local, stopped coal entering the port by ascending a tripod 10 metres above the train line this morning. 


“Australia exports more coal than any other country, this makes us one of worst contributors to climate change. Setting domestic emissions targets — something our governments have so far failed to do — is not enough. Mining and exporting coal in the face of what is an already spiralling climatic crisis is to condemn my generation and those to follow” said Barron.

FLAC has been active in the Abbot Point and Galilee Basin region for the past twelve months, stopping and slowing work on the Adani owned coal terminal and the proposed Carmichael mine site. The group advocates community control over resources, 100% renewable power, justice for energy sector workers and a rapid transition to a sustainable, equitable economy.

“Coal needs to end and we can't afford to wait for our government to end it. Our Prime Minister is a proxy for Minerals Council Australia, the PM’s chief of staff is former coal industry boss, our Energy Minister is an anti-wind campaigner and our Environment Minister is a mining industry lawyer. Our climate is in crisis and our government is a farce. If the government won't end coal, we, the people, will.”

Frontline Action on Coal spokes has said the protest has clearly highlighted the power imbalance between the coal industry and everyday people. These are concerned young people, fighting for their right for a safe future. supporting their friends and getting unfairly arrested. This is while the big companies and politicians profiting off the coal industry walk free. We are inviting everyone to come and join Act Up in Newcastle this month to stand strong against this injustice and fight for a safe climate.