Simultaneous Adani protests shut down both coal railway and Adani's coal port

tree sit on rail line

TWO simultaneous Adani protests have shut down both Adani's Abbot Point coal terminal and Aurizon's coal railway, with people locking themselves to coal loading equipment in the port and now a protester suspending themselves in a tree from a line attached to the railway.

Natalie Berry, a 20-year-old student from Sydney, has prevented any coal trains from accessing Adani's coal port by being suspended off a tree by a line attached to the railway since 5:30am Friday morning.

“The urgent reality of catastrophic climate change means that we cannot build any new coal mines. We will not let Adani or Aurizon put our lives at risk by trying to open up the Galilee Basin to coal mining." Said Berry.
The proposed Galilee Basin rail link would open multiple coal mines, rapidly increasing fossil fuel extraction in the area. The largest project proposed for the basin, Adani's controversial Carmichael coal mine, has been the target of a sustained campaign from environmental groups, who claim the coal from the mine will "push net global temperature increases above two degrees."

Front Line Action On Coal have been actively drawing attention to links between the coal industry, environmental degradation and social impacts on multiple occasions already in 2018. The group is warming up for a big year of action against the Adani project, speaking out against Aurizon, the Government, and all supporters of the Adani project.
"There is no reality where new coal is sustainable," says Berry. "We cannot let companies like Adani and Aurizon open the floodgates for coal mining in the Galilee Basin - causing irreversible damage to the climate."

In recent events, members of the group boarded a coal train and barricaded a coal railway near Bowen to protest coal mining in the Galilee Basin.
Photos of both actions are available here.

For further comment:
Natalie (currently suspended off the railway) – 0475 893 256
Aleesha (off-site) - 0455 876 765