Ten people face court over peaceful efforts to Stop Adani’s dangerous coal mine


Bowen, 24th October: Ten people will face court in Bowen and Townsville today for participating in peaceful civil disobedience to stop mining giant Adani building their mega coal mine in Central Queensland.

Three people are facing charges of failure to move on after they peacefully occupied Adani’s Townsville Headquarters, five people are facing trespass charges for blockading the road into Adani’s Abbot Point coal port and two women are facing railway interference charges after they blocked the rail line into the port.

Speaking about why he occupied Adani’s offices, grandfather and former business-man Garry Kelly said:

“I must do whatever I can to ensure my children and grandchildren aren’t forced to endure a future that has been wrecked by the corporate greed of the fossil fuel industry.

Joel Rosenzveig who occupied Adani’s headquarters said:

The approval of and taxpayer loan to the Adani mine speaks to a corrupt, impotent and irrelevant political class wholly compromised by the fossil fuel lobby. I stand by my actions in Townsville, but regret that they seem the only avenue left in helping to protect our national interest. I hope that history will reveal who are the real criminals in this struggle.

Emma Briggs, who blocked the rail line into Abbot Point, said:

“Australia and the world cannot afford to allow Adani’s coal mine to go ahead and it has been left to the ordinary citizens of this country to show our leaders the way forward to a sustainable existence on this planet.”

John Ross, a nurseryman from Coramba, near Coffs Harbour, said:

“India and the world do not need or want Adani’s coal and the majority of Australians do not want this disastrous mine. I am taking peaceful direct action because for me, like so many others, this is the line in the sand.”

Lynn Benn, a grandmother from Mulbring, said:

“I have three grandchildren and I am deeply concerned about their future. I’ll do what it takes to put a stop to Adani’s terrible mine.

Adani’s mine would be one of the largest coal mines in the world, releasing billions of tonnes of carbon pollution into the atmosphere at a time when our climate is already undergoing unprecedented and rapid warming. The mine would sign a death warrant for the Great Barrier Reef, which is already facing unprecedented large-scale bleaching due to rising ocean temperatures, caused by climate change.

Recent polling indicates that the majority of Australians do not support Adani’s mine. Despite this, the Queensland and Federal Governments are gearing up to hand this billionaire a $1 billion taxpayer-subsidised loan.

With Adani promising to start construction imminently, people are now mobilizing in Central Queensland, taking bold and courageous action to stop the mine from proceeding.

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Photos from the week of action can be found here.